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  1. Great Response.. I myself in my business... have done the same thing.. MY HAT OFF TO YOU.... Pay it forward I WILL!!! there is some bad news however... the 1 mill etransfer will bounce LOL. Thanks Much... I'm fixed... but i'm gonna follow this group! Wonderful group.. and by the way.. here we are 6 hr later. temp is rising and all running well...
  2. Gentelmen... I wish to say thank you very much.. your forum taught me very quickly that my tub has a flo switch and a little more research and now I understand "what it does" very similar to flow switch concept on my gas pool heater. so i opened the control unit Digital 1000 and immediately found the problem... the brown wire from motor connection had burned off the spade connector... I will post the physical board photo and you can clearly see that it has or had been arcing.. white char on the relay.. hence I cut the wire.. new spade and close up and test.. its working.. from your forum I understand that the low speed on the pump was OFF and hence flo sensor did its job.. The only remaining question is why it burned.. i installed a brand new pump / motor early this spring.. now i'm wondering if it is putting an additional load on the relay.. or was it simply age... or simply corrosion on the spade connector.. any additional things you think i should check? for now i'll run it and keep an eye on it.. now if you can simply let me know email address and i'll send an etransfer donation.. thanks so much guys.. you responded very quicky .. Big THANKS Ron
  3. When i power on... all is quiet. no motor run... fl and water temp on display... there are only 2 switches.. one for temp other for motor.. if i push motor switch it goes to high speed. I have no low speed.. will open the unit and photo the board then post.. thanks for all the help so far!.
  4. new motor and pump last year. when i saw the flow error.. first thing i did... turn off breaker 5 mins...then remove filter and all parts so water is straight flow. reset breaker... power on.. motor only runs on high. power off test again.. same result. tonight led is more visible.. I would say fl is flashing mode. history note: in past occasionally fl would come flash... i'd cut breaker and it resolved. History note: last winter had 6 mil plastic on the styro.... it disintegrated before i notice.. pieces of dry plastic on top of water.. filter was in place.. i cleaned off the bits of plastic floating and removed from styro.. that was about 6 months back.. appreciate your help.. and will be happy to etransfer once resolved.. from your other posts... i'm not sure where or how to start assess Flow switch or how to test it out... do have fluke meter if thats any use to assess. ( i'm very handy and some electronic background if that helps) thank you for reply!!!
  5. Happy to pay a fee for assistance. Beachcomber 150 was working ok.. then temp drop next morning.. no heat obviously - pushe pump swithc it works on high speed - we dont have the pump turning on at low speed as it always did prior.. display shows current temp and fl display goes back and forth between the temp and fl its not flashing or solid fl only.
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