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  1. Will do, good advice. I thought Artesian was 'high-end' Good idea, thank you. Jacuzzi seems the cheapest out of everything here. 16k includes EVERYTHING except the speakers, which don't interest me.
  2. Yes, he is a master spa dealer, so I'm well aware. I agree, they look nice. It don't see what's special about them. I don't think the movable jetpacks matter to me too much. Master seems low end mid tier from my research. Are they a good brand? Why expensive to fix? How's Jacuzzi? Saw one in person and for the price they seemed pretty good. Good warranty, too.
  3. Hi all. We're looking for a new Hottub. We live in Canada in a major city. Lots of choices here. I'm not sure where to start. We started looking at Arctic because we thought they were good. And than that guy all over youtube basically shits on them and calls them garbage. So we stopped looking at them. Than I started looking at Bullfrog, but they seem priced high for what we want (m series) and no room for budging on price. I dont like the salesman, so that might have something to do with it. Than I looked at Artesian, but I'm a big guy and the loungers don't look like I'll fit. Than I looked at MasterSpas, but they seem a bit 'off the back of the truck' sort of thing. Currently looking at Hotsprings. How's the brand? Any help guys!!?!?
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