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  1. Amazing, thank you for the very thorough explanation, your right I didn't have a proper understanding of what it actually did.
  2. No red or blue one of these anywhere. 240v A tube goes from the bottom of the ozone unit, to the check value, straight to the ozone jet. Ah ok, I thought as it has it on the main board and the connector it was original. What would you recommend I do to keep the tub clean? I fill up from my swimming pool which is stable, but after a few days it begins to smell a bit when I open it up, I chuck a little liquid chlorine in and it's fine for a few more days but I'm trying to find a more long term solution? Thank you both for all your help!
  3. Hi There, After managing to get the FLO error sorted, I'm moving on to sanitation. My Hot Tub has an OZone fitted but is obviously not in use as it's been standing for years and I would therefore like to replace it. I have looked for the one I have in the UK but I'm unable to find it, can I replace this with something else? Secondly there is a tube connected to the bottom which connects to an Ozone jet but nothing at the top, should there be a tube connected to the top? Pictures d, many thank for your help.
  4. Amazing, thank you so much for your help.
  5. Thank you! That got rid of the solid FLO error and circulation comes on when it needs to heat up, now I have a Flashing FLO error. Any ideas?
  6. Hi All, Firstly thank you in advance for any advise you are able to give, I have searched through the forum to find a solution to my problem but to no avail, I'm a newbie so if you need further information just let me know. We recently purchased a house which has a hot tub that hasn't been used in years, firstly it leaked which has now been resolved. Next up is an intermitted FLO error, when the tub is first turned on you can put the jets and blower on straight away and everything works but then switches off after a period and shows a FLO error (not flashing). If you increase the temperature then it will work and circulates until it gets up to temperature, as soon as it gets to temperature it shuts off and shows a FLO error again. I have removed the filters, I have refilled the tub filling it up from the skimmer inlet so there is no air lock. I have used a hose down the filter inlet to try and push an airlock out, therefore I don't think its an airlock. I read on here it could be because it's not on 50hz but it looks like it is, therefore I'm at a bit of a miss as to what's wrong. I have included all the pictures I can, I have 2 pumps, the one behind the control box circulates and has a second speed when you turn on the Jets, the second pump comes on when you turn the other jets on. I should also note I'm in the UK. Many Thanks, Gary
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