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  1. Yes. Larry from LPI told me to use this site: https://energysaverspaequipment.com/ under jets. Select 425-0005 and in the notes ask for 425-0303.
  2. Yep, called three today. So far,nothing. Not even ebay. I'll just keep looking and checking back. You have been terrific. This forum is friendly and kind. Wish I could give back somehow.
  3. And the saga continues. I've identified this as a Halo directional 2 3/16th jet. NOT carried by HotTubParts.com. CMP: 29520-112-000. Anyone carry this one?
  4. Thanks RDspaguy. With that info I believe I have found it. Thank you all so much.
  5. I looked through the HotTubParts site and may have found it: Jet Insert - 3" Roto Pro-Loc, Halo - Graphite/SS (#29530121500) |Store - Hot Tub Parts The "face" is the same. But I'm not sure how they are measuring the jet. If it says 3", is that the width of the face or the total length(face +clear body part)? Thanks again!
  6. Hi everyone, thank you so much The height is approx 3 1/4 high including the round part (I broke off) and the clear part. The round part that I broke off is about 2 1/4 wide. The spa is only 2 years old. The jet is adjustable, as in, if I put my finger inside I can move the directional thingy to point in different directions. I don't know if that means that it is single or multi directional. It doesn't look the same as the one you posted cranbiz. Do you need me to post additional photos? Yes, I have called LPI several times. They have not yet been helpful. Thank you Michele
  7. Dr Wellness Spa G2 Tranquility. Hi, I need to replace this insert or even replace the entire jet assembly body thing. Can anyone help identify this by part number, or point me to a replacement product. I believe this is called a "directional" jet. Thank you in advance. Michele
  8. Hi @RDspaguy Thank you for your help. Yes, it is clear. Not sure what you mean by threaded? The part that broke off wasn't threaded but it looks like the top of the clear portion (still stuck in tub) seem to be threaded???? I do have a dremmel, so will try that.
  9. Hi @cranbiz, @CanadianSpaTech, @RDspaguy Thank you for your help. I've attached, response above, a bunch of images. Michele
  10. Thank you @cranbiz. There's actually a ton of insulation, I was surprised! I'll contact the 2 you recommended. I'm out of town right now but can post a photo of the jet insert part in a few days. Thank you so much.
  11. Thank you @cranbiz. There's actually a ton of insulation, I was surprised! I'll contact the 2 you recommended. Thank you so much.
  12. Hi, I was removing the jets from Dr Wellness G2 Tranquility series. To clean them. One of the smaller jets snapped. So I have the round silver and black top of the jet, but the rest of the jet is STUCK. I've tried everything I can think of to get it out. Are there special tools? Any suggestions for how to get it out? Or, is my only option to open up the hot tub, cut out the insulation, and remove and replace entire jet housing? Thank you Michele Also trying to find out part numbers for Dr Wellness g2 tranquility spa jets so I can order replacements. Called LPI and they were not helpful. Called Aqua Living store and they were not helpful either. Anyone know what I can use to replace my existing jets? Thanks.
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