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  1. What is your toilet tank condition ? If the inside is all stained with rusty colours then I would also suspect iron. If the toilet tank is clear the there is something in the spa plumbing and a clean out with a real good purge like AhhSome would be worth a try
  2. its highly unlikely but maybe the manufacturer left out the drive key. Can you see the impeller with the hose off and see if the impeller is actually spinning ??
  3. Did you replace the whole pump or just the motor ? With a motor only replacement it could be the drive key on the motor shaft is missing.
  4. when our AhhSome treatment produced a scum line we tried to wipe it off with paper towels. It worked a little bit for a few seconds but as soon as the paper towel got wet all we did was spread the scum around. So it looked like the scum was oily. We got fresh paper towels and lightly wetted them with veggie oil from the kitchen to keep the water out. It worked like a charm wiping up the yellow scum with virtually no oil left on the tub
  5. read the posts on rvdoug.com and his experience with Ahh-Some . He has photos etc. I got some for my brand new tub and was amazed how much guck came out of it before we put any other chems in it or used it
  6. Wow, I never saw them anywhere. Found a shop in London Ontario that has them. Amazon Canada does not. thanks order placed I put my first dose in today at 1/2 the rate on the bottle. The FC is up high near 7 or 8 and a few hours later the water is milky. It has been perfectly clear until this.
  7. I didn't think there was a way to measure MPS Am I missing something
  8. we have a very similar situation. Our hot tub is only a week or so old. We filled and ran it with Ahh-some for several hours and got a yellow skum. Ran it overnight with Ahh-some and got more skum. Figured we were done, filled with water that had gone through our iron removal and softener. Still getting more yellow skum. It is oily so if we try to wipe it off with a paper towel that only works until the paper gets wet then it just smears around. This morning I tried a paper towel with a bit of olive oil ... it wiped it off beautifully. Looking at the plumbing there seems no-where that oil could be coming from mechanically. There is an ozonator and a UV in the system. No suntan oils. (No sun today either) any ideas where the oil comes from ??
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