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  1. We also had such a problem and the bubble burst. The vacuum cleaner couldn't take out the garbage. Probably, it's in the form of garbage that gets to you. After flushing the water, hair, or other objects got there, it won't be challenging to pull them out and clean the drain. But if a cellophane bag, branches, or something plastic got there, it can somehow stand sideways, and even a bubble will not be able to pull it out. Although I rarely do waterproofing or repairing the pool myself. I appeal to these guys to drain draintoronto.ca, and they do everything for me. It's a good service.
  2. This is certainly interesting, but I'm not sure how practical it will be.
  3. I think replacing the wiring is a good option. At least because then you will be sure that the problem was in the damaged wires of your LED tape, and not in the faulty lighting. I would do as I'm told. I don't believe they want to make money from you. Most likely, they simply, as professionals, honestly advise you to replace the parts. I remember that I somehow incorrectly installed the lighting for the flagpoles at the base where I work. The wires burned out (my mistake). We replaced the light bulbs themselves several times, and the problem was with the cables. Don't make my mistake and trust these people. After my situation (that I misconnected the lighting), I bought other lights on Amazon, and everything worked. These lights are also suitable for swimming pools. If you are interested, here they are https://www.amazon.com/Flagpole-Energy-Battery-Illumunation-Vont/dp/B00YBDA7DC/
  4. In general, bleach doesn't help in all cases when it is necessary to wash something, you know. It's better to go to the store and buy a cleaner for cleaning tiles, toilets, sink, and bath. This is usually a special liquid that you pour over the place where you will clean, leave for 10-15 minutes, and then wipe with a hard sponge. When I ordered house cleaning, they did something similar and cleaned my pool. I then asked what they used, and they said that the manufacturers and products are different. Still, in any case, they can be bought in a specialized store with detergents.
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