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  1. Thank you, figured it out. I was jiggling the RJ45 cable where it plugs into the board and the top side display was turning off and on, and then suddenly the temperature Up button started working randomly. So anyways I took the board to my friend and we cleaned the port and also moved the pins up a bit. Now everything is working perfectly! So happy!
  2. My Dream Maker from 2009 stays very hot, even when it's -10 in Chicago. I love it!
  3. Thank you for your help, we removed the board to replace the relays and fuses, and then my friend used his meter on all of the components on the board to make sure nothing else was bad or burned. When I was messing with the cables, I was jiggling the top side display where it plugs into the board, and the topside was turning off/on and stuff and then all of the sudden I was able to start changing the temperature UP again, which we were never able to do in the past. It only works some of the time which was odd. I have an extra new top side display and it does the same thing/same issues. I also sprayed some electronics cleaner in there hoping maybe it was just a dirty connection. I might replace the socket it plugs into possibly if I can find one online. I attached a picture that I have from my phone, but later I can take more pictures and upload them. Thank you for your help!
  4. We replaced the fuses and the relays and still same thing, no clue what’s wrong with it.
  5. Hi there, I have an older Dream Maker X-400. So far it's been really excellent! I am having an issue though with some buttons on the top display. When I click the jets button if I want to turn the jets on manually, it just doesn't work. When the spa turns itself on automatically to heat, the jets button does light up and the jets turn on to heat the hot tub automatically. When I press the button I don't hear the relay clicking either. When I click the light button, it works and the relay clicks. When I click the temp UP button, it won't go past 100 (default setting), but I can click DOWN and it works fine and I can turn it as far as I want down. If I have the temp down due to the summer or not using it, I can just unplug it and plug it back in and it'll go back and heat itself to 100 which is fine for me. I tried a new top display but that didn't help. I replaced the fuses and next I am going to have a friend of mine replace all 3 relays on the board. Any other suggestions? The hot tub is working fine to be honest, but it would be nice to be able to manually turn on the jets or turn the temp up during the winter when it's super super cold out. I might save up and eventually replace all of the parts new for it since the body of it is still in excellent condition, it's pretty simple since it's just 3 parts in these things. My board is the Balboa Mach 7 - RS-80 Pump is an Aqua Flo 03510631-S Actual spa model: X4H-UHS-DMI-GG-F
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