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  1. Thank you. Re-added the photo. Checked it is the 1st pump on low speed that is the circulating pump. There is not a separate recirc pump.
  2. I have an old Diamante Spa. We got it for a proper price and am having issues with it. Seems like the recirculating pump is running most of the time. the Spa temp keeps heating up no matter what I set the temperature to. It does not seem to exceed 102 though and typically hangs between 99 and 101. I have it set it to ECN and filtering for 2 hours (read to try that here in the forums somewhere) but still heats up. The Heater throws the breaker about once per week or two. There is no short and the wiring was installed by an electrician who does spa's. I have replaced the union gaskets, a gasket in a pump as well as a slide valve. It is an old tub and not worth saving unless I do the work myself which I am more than happy to do so. I am not certain where to start diagnosing this problem no sure what or how to test anything. I am handy with a VOM and can replace or work through most problems. The controls are Balboa so many of the parts seem common. They seem to be more basic type of controls, Aux, Pump 1, pump 2, Temp up\down and light. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
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