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  1. Somthing that seams wierd. i tested for voltage goint the the jet pumps at the pins on the board. i was getting 122v from both hot wires when testing to ground but when i tested across both hot wires it read 0.2v. why would that be?
  2. @RDspaguyhey sorry to keep bothering you..... I've replaced the controll board(6600-161) with a 6600-728. now the spa turns on and warms up to temp with the circ pump, but none of the controlls work. if i hold down the pump 1 or pump 2 button, it shuts off the heater and the circ pump. and then i have to re-set the tub to get it to work again. this is pretty much what was happening before the old board went into watchdog mode..... currently the led dcu is unpluged as im fairly confident it was damadged. i have checked the jumper pins multiple times... nobody seams to have an answer for me, the jaccuzzi tech said it could be the topside. but im getting tired of just replacing parts at this point. Thanks, Chuck
  3. Yes i just checked, everyting is in the proper pin location on the sensor plug. The jacuzzi tech is coming out tomorrow to diagnoss the issue. I got quoted 1500CAD for a new curcit board, so i figured i want to be 100% sure before i replace it.
  4. I belive so. is there a connector pinout available to check?
  5. I have pulled the curcuit board out and i cant see any visable damadge to the board. Such as a broken curcuit and or burnt component.
  6. Just to confirm again. The fact that i have my stereo controll module disconnected, wont send the tub into watchdog mode?
  7. Ive tried disconecting the two main pumps from the board, aswell as the circ pump to see if watchdog mode would go way but no luck. i think i have exhausted pretty much every option besides the curcuit bord at this point.
  8. @RDspaguyhey sorry to keep bothering you with questions... lol. I replaced the transformer with a brand new unit from jacuzzi. b1-b2=10.57 y1-y2=14.80 b1-y1=2.69 b1-y2=12.37 b2-y1=13.06 b2-y2=2.44 241 VAC at the pins going into the transformer. It seams wierd to me that the new transformer is even farther out of spec than the old one. the incoming coltage is the same as at the transformer. At this point i have changet the high limit the temp sensor and the transformer. would you advise thats the next step would be a new curcit board or is there any other parts i should check first?
  9. ok i will call on monday and order a new one. does it have to be a jacuzzi brand replacement or is there a cheeper aftermarket transformer i can buy?
  10. The new pumps are rated as 4hp, 12amps. the cold pumps were 2.5 continous 5.1 max 11.7 amps hot tub parts supplier sujested them as an aftermarket replacment. He said that the hp #s were inflated and that you really want to match the amp draw.
  11. Voltage into the spa. 232 volts Black to Red 232V B1-B2 =10.25 volts Y1-Y2 = 14.69 volts B1-Y1 = 2.66 volts B1-Y2 = 12.77 volts B2-Y1 = 12.06 volts B2-Y2 = 2.94 volts looks like B1-B2, and Y1-Y2 are a bit high. do you think that could cause it? Also now im only getting 232v at the spa, I'm asuming thats still adequite?
  12. Just to touch back on the low voltage system. my transformer was producing the proper low voltage? also i have all of the lighting and audio unpluged at the rosstech controller. could that be causing and issue? Is It wierd that the circuit board would fail, shortly after isnalling new pumps? even tho it did sit for about 8 months before i installed them. i just want to make sure its the board before i fork out the money for a new one. Also want to make sure that there isnt a couse that will fry the new board upon intsall.
  13. @RDspaguyboth sensors have been replaced, still getting the same error. is therer anything else that can cause watchdog mode? or is it the controll board.
  14. Ok, so ill replace the temp sensor when they come back into stock and hope it fixes the issue it. If this fails to solve the issue, then ill re-test voltage suply to the board one last time before ordering a new one. What is the best way to test for a faulty flow sensor?
  15. Unfortunatly i have to wait untill the temp sensor is available. When I install the new temp sensor, if I'm still getting the watchdog error. Is it safe to assume that either the board or upper controll unit is no good?
  16. I went and put the old high limit in the tub submerged in the water. then tested all three sensors for resistance with the water temp reading 74deg -new high limit was 29.9k ohms -old high limit was 32.3k ohms - temp sensor reading 26.5k ohms maybe both the sensors were bad?
  17. Replaced the high limit sensor same problem persists.... the temp sensor is on back order probably be a couple of weeks before i can get my hands on one.
  18. ok,thanks. I will start with replaceing the high limit and re-assemble the tub. If that if that fixesthe problem sweet, if not ill wait untill the new temp sensor comes in and install it. ill post the results here after. thhanks again for your help
  19. Voltage checking accross the two hot wires checket out(242V). i hd 242v going into the transformer. but im still not sure how to test the ouput. these are the results listed below blue to blue 10.48v yellow to yellow 14.97v yellow to blue 3.17v
  20. -Ok i will re test for proper voltage. - When all three of pumps were running non stop, the only thing flashing was ICE and then COOL and the tempurature. There wasn't any error codes at this time. now with watchdog ---- mode nothing turns on, it imediatly gois into the error mode. - i have both the temp sensor and high level out of the tub as i was trying to scource new ones today. I'm picking up a new high level sensor tomorrow, unfortuanatly the temp sensor is a couple weeks out. temp sensor reads 31.8k ohms the high limit reads 33.3k ohms
  21. Here are the curcuit board pics, and the specs and readings I took off the tranformer. I also included a couple pics of the rosstech an where it looks like the curuit board inside looks posibly damadged. Looking at the ohms on the temp sensor/high level makes me think that they could likley be the cause. The thing that concerns me is, why did the jet pumps run continously when they were working? maybe there is somthing else wrong aswell?
  22. first off, I re-checked the temp sensors and got a much bigger varience in resistance today than yesterday. the infared is reading 66deg in the tub.
  23. -I will have to check temp sensors again tomorrow. but i belive they were within 500ohms of eachother. I also checked the watertemp with my heat guy and it was within a couple degrees of what the chart listed for the sensor. -voltage read 120 +/- 2 degrees at the main power buss and was consistant at that right up to the relays/fuzes. I also forgot to mention above that i checked all the fuzes aswell. - I did test output voltage of the tranformer, but not totaly sure what I'm looking for. i will take some photos/try and get some voltage readings tomorow and make an update. -old pumps were 2.5hp continous 5.1hp max 3450rpm at 11.7amps, new pumps were labled aas 4hp 3450rpm at 12amps same rpm(i was told by the dealer that they would be compatable). hopfully that 0.3 of an amp is fine. they did run for a long time continuasly atleast 5hrs before i went to bed. The other thing i noticed in the AM was the rosstech was hot, not sure if this unit could some how cause the error? I thought it was just for the speakers and lighting, but I'm not totaly sure. thanks for the responce, and I apreciate the diagnostic help. All the local spa tech Companies are a month plus out at the moment. Talking to them on the phone didnt inspire alot of confidence in me that they would be able to fix it. They said probably needs a new board and controll pannel.
  24. I bought a j-470 used that suposedly just needed pumps. Installed some new pumps, and filled the hot tub up. both the jet pumps were runing (stuck on) and i didnt think much of it at the time. I figured that was normal untill it got up to temp. In the AM after filling it up it was at 92deg and just the circ pump was running. i tried to turn on the jet pumps and imediatly i heard a click (most likley the sound of a relay clicking) and it went into watchdog mode. I reset the tub and it did this 3-4 times, untill eventualy it just went into watchdog mode as soon as i fliped the power on. List of things i have checked. -Temp sensors, both seamed to read ok. -Voltage supply, was good. -the rosstech, is unpluged -tranformer wasnt shorted out between the two fields. -Heater reads 10.4 ohms I am starting to think maybe the board is fried or posibly the controll unit. hopfully someone on here can help!
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