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  1. yes...I did just look at the "high" and "low" range. I have both set at 85F, spa still at 102F. Not exactly sure how those ranges work. thank You guys for the ideas. JC
  2. Filter cycle runs 30 minutes every 12 hours...If remembering right, that is less than the default. I think spa is used an hour a day. This is NOT how it has functioned the last 4 months...
  3. Just started doing this 6/8/21. Even put the spa in "Rest" mode, but the temp stayed at 104. I have powercycled it, drained, filled and now it is holding at 102, but have it set at 86F. will give it one more day, then I guess I need a repair guy. Spa is 4 months old, 2021 model, balboa inside.
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