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  1. Never mind. Pool guy on a different forum answered my question with one sentence.
  2. I was being rude but i also know you cant mix sodium or calcium hydo with trichlor because it causes a reaction (from what i read) its a small pool and im trying to avoid that. Many many articles expressed that you can not mix those 2 with trichlor so whats the reaction with the lithium and trichlor? My question was the ‘pool side super shock’ product with trichlor, is that the only one thats 100% compatible without a bad reaction?
  3. Yes I understand the chemistry and no you didn’t answer my question. Thanks though
  4. Hi , i use the trichlor tabs and i want to free up some of the CC but preferably without adding any extra CYA to the water. The only thing ive found thats compatible with trichlor is the ‘pro side shock’. I know i cant use the standard type of shock but is there something else that’s compatible without the added CYA in it like the pro side or is that the only one i can use? P.S i accidentally write this on someone else’s comment by accident. My apologies.
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