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  1. OK! So I went and bought the J355. Not all dealers are created equal that is for sure! I found one I really liked, even had the color I wanted coming in in August, and jumped on it. Super excited! Thanks again to all who helped and happy spaing! 🙂
  2. @cranbiz@CanadianSpaTech @RDspaguy Thank you all once again for your help! So I think it's down to 2 Spas Baleno offers 1-3 year warranty depending on what it is, Jacuzzi is 5 years all in. Other than that important difference, and any technical difference, the rest is the same (delivery, incentives, price etc...). Any thoughts on either of these 2 (I upgraded my choice with Trevi from 1000 to 5000 based on trying to compare to the Jacuzzi Tub! https://www.jacuzzi.com/en-ca/j-355-hot-tub-with-comfort-lounge-seating-and-cool-down-seat/J-355.html https://www.trevi.com/en/pools-and-spas/spas/ligne-balneo/balneo-5000-s-50014 Thanks again guys!
  3. Balneo, Beachcomber, Arctic Spa.....C...?
  4. Thank you for the reply! Will that make it louder!? I want it to be super duper silent 🙂
  5. Hey gang. A friend said he loves his Beachcomber Spa! Maybe some of these smaller companies will give better service than the larger ones? Does anyone know this brand!?
  6. @CanadianSpaTech@cranbiz Thank you both! I am looking at the Balneo 1000 https://www.trevi.com/en/pools-and-spas/spas/ligne-balneo/balneo-1000-s-50007 https://www.jacuzzi.com/en-ca/j-355-hot-tub-with-comfort-lounge-seating-and-cool-down-seat/J-355.html I think Trevi offers 3 years but not sure it covers all part. I need to find out. And Jacuzzi is 5 and I believe it does cover all parts. Of note is the sale person at Trevi said their spas are made in Quebec...so perhaps not.
  7. RE: Jacuzzi J355 or Trevi Balneo 1000 Help! I am looking at purchasing one of those 2 Spa's. I am a 50 year old athlete looking for something to help provide some relief after training. I like the look of both and the Balneo has a lot more jets (which I have learned is not necessarily better). Ultimately, the Jacuzzi is about 30% more expensive and I really don't want to spend that money for a little gain. The sales person tried to convince me the Jacuzzi jets were much more powerful due to their size and will give a better massage. Also less maintenance as he said the Balneo jets need to be removed and bearings cleaned time to time (As they twist around) The Balneo sales person said nothing regarding this. Both claimed their spa we super quiet. Jacuzzi did say their cover is a premium cover to help maintain water temperature during our cold (Montreal) winter (I will use the spa year round). But Balneo's are made in Quebec and I am told well made to perform during our winters. My primary considerations are... 1) massage therapy effectiveness 2) as silent as possible 3) low maintenance Thank you for any thoughts you may have!
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