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  1. Thanks so much for the information. That’s a good idea to try to remove it from the pipes. I’ll try that next to see if I can get it open. Really appreciative of the help!
  2. It has 4 screws on the front of it, which I took off but the front didn’t want to come off (I unfortunately don’t have good access right not to try to remove it further). What is likely to be in the box? The box itself isn’t supposed to fill with water I assume? So something is loose or cracked inside? Thanks so much for the advice!
  3. I have an indoor whirlpool tub, and it appears to be leaking from the bottom of the heating box, only when the jets are turned on. Any ideas what this might be and if there might be an easy fix? You can see the water dripping from the bottom of the black box in the photo below. I was thinking of taking the panel off the box to investigate more but am somewhat inexperienced so thought I’d ask for a basic idea of what it might be. Thank you!
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