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  1. I have a Firstspa tub and was only removed out of the box once. The internal heater, pump and thermostat is an Intertek 3162943. When I plug mine in, the heater and filter lights come on but the temperature counts up in seconds until 104 degrees and then it shuts off and runs like it thinks it’s at 104. I have been emailing various companies to see if they have any units. Aleko Products sells tubs with these packs in them. If I can’t find anything would anyone have an idea on my problem?
  2. I bought this unit a while back and never set it up. I set it up today. When I plug in the hot tub the temperature starts counting up. The pump is on and the filter light stays on until it hits 104. Once it hits 104 it shuts off like it should but the water is cold. I don’t know if it would be the heater or the thermostat. The control panel says it’s an Intertek Any ideas?
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