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  1. Thanks for the help! Here’s the panel pictures
  2. Well look at this… Decided to investigate and peeled the cover off and revealed a different model.
  3. I’ve tried both ways. hit “warm” and touch “jet 1” and I can change filter hours touch “warm” then “mode”and nothing changes on display. I assume I should see “ecn” or “std” come up? Then be able to go up or down to select the setting? IMG_0534.MOV
  4. Got a used hot tub. Finally got it working right. Somehow I put it in ECN mode the other day and can’t figure out the combination to put it back into standard. It’s a balboa VS series. I’ve tried the temp button and jet 1. That gets me to filter cycle. Can’t find any info on putting it into ecn or standard. Maybe my mode button is not working?
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