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  1. I'm fairly certain it's for the radio. Here's what it looks like: Here you go. I've labeled the cables.
  2. I mean at this point I've had it apart so many times repairing/replacing pipes, motors, etc its possible things aren't plugged in right. I have 2 pumps total, Pump 1 is a 2-speed. Pump 2 is a single speed. I have the following plugged in do these seem right? I uploaded the schematic above. Thank you! Pump 1 (2spd): J23 Pump 2 (1spd): J17 Ozone: J29 Power Supply: J47 Lights: J20 Top Panel: J2 Sensors: J7/J8
  3. Thanks - I noticed this heater is 4Kv, mine is currently 5.5Kv - will that make a difference? So I'm fairly certain my service voltage is 240V - though I'm not certain on the other settings for the pumps. How would I know if they're set up for 240V or 120V? What about the Ozonator? I already have one - can I use it with this model? Will my existing lights work?
  4. No it was not closed, I closed it when I pulled and checked the sensors. Yes I tried that (starting with the topside disconnected and it DID not start up) - and I mentioned that to the "support" guy and that's when he said "well then replace the controller".. 🙄 If I go the aftermarket replacement route, do you have one you'd recommend for my setup? heater is 5.5kw
  5. I actually did just talk to someone, they were not very much help. They seemed to think it was some kind of a communication error to the topside. They suggested I check connections and try the other outlet. No change (Actually had already tried that). He's like well I guess you'll have to replace the topside. When pressed, he didn't really have a reason why he'd think it's that, and not the controller (or something else). So then he's like you have to replace the controller. Gee, thanks.. so basically back to square one.
  6. Ok so first, it is displaying 6 dashes. I couldn't get a great shot of it but you can make it out. The top-left bus fuse area looks good to me. There was a dead spider or some debris up there but not too dirty. And the back of the PCB looks perfect to me.. no dark/black spots. Here are some overview shots of the whole mess.
  7. I see.. the problem though is that the pumps won't run. The controller isn't booting up properly. How can I run the pumps?
  8. It looks like 6 dashes to me, just like in the other post. I don't want to turn it back on today because the control board got wet when I pulled the sensors. Shots of my board and schematic. I will pull the board tomorrow to take a look at the back.
  9. So last fall, I had one of my pumps develop a bad bearing so I winterized the unit and haven't got around to repairing it until this week. I installed the new motor and powered it up. Normally I would get a message "Pr" (priming) for several minutes, then the pumps kick on and everything "just works". However now when I turned on the spa, I just have dashes on the panel (it does not display "Pr" at all). It seems similar to this issue https://www.poolspaforum.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51336-viking-spa-6-dashes/ . I'm not sure if that person ever resolved the issue, but after reading thro
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