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  1. Thanks the filters that are already in my hot tub are about 20mm longer then the nearest ones I can find
  2. Thank you i just need a uk supplier now thanks again
  3. Can someone tell me what size filter is ok to use in my 2004 sunrise Galileo 799 please? currently has 6x7.25 with 1.5 inch fine male thread but cannot locate one. is it ok to get wider or narrower filters?
  4. Thank you here’s some pics I’m based in the uk
  5. Just want to know the basics really, like filter changing, controls, levels, etc I can do the frame etc without the need for any help.
  6. Firstly hello, I’m new here. would anyone know where I can get a manual for my sunrise spa galileo 799 please?? it’s a 2004 model it needs a fair bit doing, I plan on replacing the insulation foam and frame, as soon as I know I can get it working thank you j
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