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  1. Thanks for this. Got that. Curious though about what might be default settings of the board. I think my real question is why none if the unplugging of various sensors from the board has stopped the jets from running like crazy. Am I missing a reset switch or process somewhere. Could the control panel battery be weak. Is there anything in what is happening that would suggest removing the control panel battery and letting it reset. Could we isolate issues with control panel and/or strap by unplugging it.
  2. So I ran some tests this morning. With nothing on I tested the two thermistors Meter 1 blue wires 11.08, grey wire 7.82 Meter 2 blue wires 10.95, grey wire 7.86 Then I powered up and tested the two thermistors Meter 1 blue wires 9.4, grey wire 7.67 Meter 2 blue wires 9.14, grey wire 7.62 After a short while running I tested again Meter 1 blue wires 9.02, grey wire 7.52 Meter 2 blue wires 9.02, grey wire 7.51 So what. Definitely a difference between the two. If I was to leave it running longer would the difference drop to near zero.
  3. Thanks for your assistance. I am wondering about your thought that there could be a flow restriction. 1. I took the readings with the spa off. So are you suggesting one has no water around it. 2. Are you saying they should be roughly the same value as the water temp is the same and that is what they measure. 3. I am going to remeasure first thing in the morning. Might be grasping at straws but heater tube was in the sun while the other sensor was in the shade. I'll report back but I could be at the end of my journey.
  4. Just lost my third part. I have my multimeter set to 20k and when the leads are touching it reads zero and when not touching it reads 1. I think that's correct. I tested the two wires at their connectors. The two blue wires gave a reading of 8.5 and the gray a reading of 7.3. I hope I am doing this correctly. Thanks yet again.
  5. I powered up the spa with the reg therm and limit therm wires disconnected. Jets still running. Dashed lines still appearing but temp reading was 50F which might be a default because the water is warmer than that. Also the green light was out which makes sense I think. I tested the ac voltage across the two black connectors and it was zero - if I was using the multi meter correctly. Still not sure on the resistance test you want me to do??? Tested voltage with gray and blue wires disconnected so that might explain the zero reading??
  6. Part 1 (of many) Temp reading of water is about 94 and I can see it rising if I leave the spa on for a while. How do I test the voltage to the heater. There looks to be two black wires going to terminals and a green. The two blues do in fact go to limit therm and the gray to reg therm. Are you asking to test the pins on the board or on the wires in the connectors. You might tell I am the limit of my competence
  7. Sorry for the confusion. The three lights in the stack are not all on. Lim OK is green Control unplugged is not lit Htr on is red There is another led that is red above the k4 module. Control panel strap looks fine. Could I unplug it and try a restart. Perhaps I should have mentioned that I have unplugged the light wire as it was damaged but that has been the case since we started. Thanks again.
  8. Powered up spa with pressure switch unplugged. No difference. Tried screwdriver on leads on board and no change. Both pumps running. Did i understand correctly....
  9. Images as requested. Led close up not great. Green is limited OK and red is heater OK. Other red indescript. More to follow. Thanks. 20210610_121135.mp4 20210610_121626.mp4
  10. I have owners manual and can take more pictures as required. And omitted one answer-jets come on right away when spa is powered on. In a faint hope I am running it for an hour to see if the one-hour shut-off does anything. I suspect it won't.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I'll do my best. Filter is out. But problem persists with or without. When powered on, double dashed lines take about a minute to appear. Touching a button on the control panel will make them go away for 10 to 15 seconds and then they return. You seem to be able to cycle through the functions of the control panel but the jets stay on. I believe I can also here the circulating pump come on during this or if I leave it running for a while. As best I can tell the intakes and outputs in the footwell, and elsewhere frankly, are functioning as intended.
  12. Cadera Spa HawaiianLE Jet pump won't stop. Topside control panel won't stop it. Get double dashed lines on control panel after a few minutes. Turning off power overnight does not solve issue. Cycling power off and on several times quickly does not solve problem. Assistance/ideas appreciated. Thanks.
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