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  1. Thanks for your response! Are you proposing that the high cyanuric acid level could be the reason why it's not holding chlorine? I did have the water tested at 2 different pool/spa stores, so it hasn't just been tested via strips. I do not have ozone or UV.
  2. I need help! I've stumped multiple hot tub "experts" with this problem and am driving myself crazy! My hot tub will not hold chlorine, no matter what I do. After putting in the proper amount of chlorine and getting a proper reading (between 3-5ppm free chlorine), within one hour, the reading is back down to zero (for both free chlorine and total chlorine). Here are details on my levels, equipment and usage: Hot tub is always covered except when in use. (outdoor tub) I regularly use shock, typically right after every use. I've tried both chlorine and non-chlorine shock.
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