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  1. Hi! We recently moved into a house that has a Bullfrog A9L hot tub on the back patio. The problem is that it is right smack in front of you when you walk out the back door. We would like to move it back 10-12 feet, and to the left about 10 feet. It’s all concrete, so it should be pretty straightforward. I’ve found information on draining it, and the logistics of actually moving it, but what do I do about extending the electric hook-up? We didn’t do the electrical connections ourselves since we inherited it, so we don’t have the first clue about it. We have the 220-volt breaker box on the side of the house just a few feet from the tub. If we move the tub several feet, where/how do we buy longer cords? It seems to be the exact length it needs for where it sits right now. Do we need to have an electrician come and do it, or is it something we can do ourselves? Any other things we need to be aware of if we move it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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