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  1. I have had this Hotspring Aria since 2015. I have had constant issues with it. Within the first year I had the Freshwater 3 Ozonator replaced with a KZO Ozonator due to the water always cloudy with the original Freshwater 3. The hot tub started to leak. The heater was replaced at this time, but this did not help. I was told to use Fix-a-Leak by the store I bought it from even though this is not recommended if it is still under warranty. It helped for a few months and the leak came back. I finally convinced the store to take the Hot tub back and repair the leak while it was under warranty. They finally did take it back and fixed the leak. The leak came back within a few months. Last week I had the repair guy come out and he told me that to find the leak they would have to bring it back to the shop and the estimate would be $2000 to $5000 since it is no longer under warranty. Also, the side panels may be broken in the process, and this would add to the repair. Today, I decided to remove the side panels and found water in the foam. By the way, the side panels did not break when I took them off. I found that they had not replaced the foam that they dug out when it was taken to the shop years ago. I am not even sure if they ever did repair the leak or how they repaired the leak. The water level stops where the jets are located on the side of the hot tub in the photo and this is the side where the leak is coming from. Is there a way to remove these jets from the inside of the hot tub and reseal them. Please advise on what you would do in this case. Thanks Jill
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