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  1. I have a Cleverspa Matara bought In April2020. I have been using it since last year without any issues until recently. problem is that the bubbles come on of their own accord when the heater button is lit. The bubbles don’t come on straight away, maybe after about 5-10 mins of switching the heater on. I’ve tried switching the unit off at the mains and unplugging it completelY for a few hours but once I plug it back in again and start the heater, the bubbles come on again after a short while without me pressing the button. When they do come on the inflate/bubble light on the control panel is not lit. (See picture) The only way I can get the bubbles to turn off is by turning the heater off which isn’t ideal The Cleverspa manual does not mention this scenario in their manual. Any help or advice greatly appreciated Thanks
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