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  1. No it's not at all more or less dripping completely off to the side, but once I removed the filter I noticed there was a big hole in the manifold under the filter, provided pictures what should be my next step?
  2. It's on the outside of the heater unit in the plastic cover for the right end of the heater nothing to do with it inside, van I just epoxy it and would that be fine for now?
  3. Unable to upload a video, but I can see that there is a leak under the right nut on the heater, could that be the reason why it is tripping the pumps off? After I disconnected the Ozone the pumps runs longer but still shuts off. Guessing it's a safety feature due to the leak
  4. I've disconnected the Ozone last night it runs and heats up just fine, I've diagnosed the breaker and it doesn't switch off completely but shuts down for 15 minutes then starts up again there is only pumps and no blower I'll take some more pictures and maybe a video of I could upload.
  5. Only error code is dr that shows up it's a 4 button topside panel it's an older one, there is no LED indicators whatsoever.
  6. So my roommates inherited a Hot tub from the previous owners of this property it has a Balboa control system by the make and style of the pool I'm unsure of but we have been trying to get it up and tubbing again so far it's been a pretty good success just wanted some advice on a few things, The pump shuts off after about 5-10 seconds of use and also the Ozonator 3 does not seem to work as well and is it supposed too have a auto shut off when it gets too temperature. oh yes and if anyone could provide me with a legit manual for this make.
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