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  1. Hello! I was able to locate the source of a few leaks in my Hot Springs Vanguard VV tub, but am not sure of the exact next steps. The main leak is from one of the PVC connectors on the outside of the tub, just on the other side of a moto massage seat. The entire connector needs replaced, but is heavily glued in. What's the best way to remove it without damaging other parts? Where can I find an exact part replacement? So far, searches for this part have not been fruitful. The secondary leaks are in flexible PVC with out much access to either side, so splicing in new tubing seems difficult. It is the photo of the two tubes in between wooden support boards. There are clean slices in each tube. Can this just be heavily epoxied? I've attached photos of everything that I can think to be helpful. Please let me know if more detail is needed to answer any questions above. Thanks a ton if anyone has advice.
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