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  1. I got the water tested yesterday--they use a disk (Waterlink Solutions prodisk). Also, our Pool Pilot is model DIG-220. I was able to have a good conversation with the pool people about the salt cell, chlorine levels, CYA readings, etc. I shocked the pool last night (liquid chlorine) and addressing the CYA with stabilizer. We are going to test the water again (as well as I am going to test chlorine separately). Thank you so much for the information/guidance!
  2. The pool store reads it using a meter of some kind. I’ll get that test kit on amazon-thanks for the recommendation. I’m going tomorrow to get the water tested so I’ll ask them how exactly they test. We purchased & installed a new salt cell 2 summers ago. Is it possible we need a new one already?
  3. Ours is a Pool Pilot Digital but I don’t know what model-ww purchased this house 2 years ago but it was built in 2006 so it may be that old. The salt output today is 3300ppm and it is typically between 3100 and 3300ppm.
  4. These are the results from water testing over the weekend. We have a Pool Pilot system which normally does a good job. Our pool has a vinyl liner. We shocked the pool last night and the output this morning is 33% (regulated by the pool pilot). Thank you so much for all of the information-I’ll take in another water sample and get the cyanuric acid level taken care of. I’ll treat the algae as if it was pink slime if it comes back (very possible😞). Do think algeacide will help if it is a bacteria? Or just shock (pool store recommends liquid shock but we can also get granular shock)? Let me know if you have any other suggestions. I appreciate your help.
  5. Thank you for your reply & information. We have a salt system and I have attached a picture of water test results from the day I started noticing the problem. Another note: there seems to be a rust color developing around the bottoms of the ladders and around the light that seems to be getting worse if that gives you any information. Thank you!
  6. Hi! We had an algae/bacteria develop in our pool that 2 different pool stores were unable to identify (multiple people looking at my pictures, etc). From my google searches, it does not look like pink slime, green algae or black mold. It looked more like mucus or the insides of a snail. I have attached pictures. I treated it as if it was pink slime & followed instructions from pool store (brushed sides of pool, ladders, vacuumed multiple times to waste, backwashed & shocked 2 different times with all tools in pool when shocked). Pool is clear now. No one has been in the pool yet (too cold) except for a hired diver to check for liner leak (could be the source). Hoping it doesn’t come back but my question is: does anyone know what this is?!? Would like to know so if it comes back we can treat it appropriately. Thanks!
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