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  1. Thanks to everyone who contributed their help, advice and experience. I truly appreciate it. I was thrilled to learn of BBB because I was clueless as to where I would store pool chemicals. I have read most should be in a dark, cool, well ventilated area and in separate locations (not on a shelf together in case of off-gassing, spills, etc.) and something like that does not exist at my house. Texas heat is well over 100 heat index at times. Garage is hot and not ventilated and inside the house is NOT gonna happen. We do not have a shop and if we did it too would be too hot apparently. Therefore
  2. I really believe I would love having a pool in my back yard to relax in, however, I have read some things that make me feel it could be more of a headache and ongoing expense than I bargained for. Is this the case? I am only planning to keep it up from March through November - NOT year around. Not sure this makes a difference as far as someone's response to this post goes but it may. Anyways, some things I have heard cause concern. Many contradict each other so I do not know what is true. For example: "You need to shock your pool every week and wait at least 24 hrs. before swimming i
  3. WOW... I thought I wanted a pool to relax in but all this is making me second guess getting one. Nothing sounds easy or right. It sounds incredibly complicated and like a maintenance nightmare. So much for the websites that say all you need is H202. I'm glad I found this discussion before buying a 10 ft inflatable pool. I think a 15" deep kiddie pool that is 10x6 is the way to go... fill it up, swim and drain the dang thing. No chemicals, balancing acts, scum, mold, etc. My only problem should be trying to figure out where to store the dang thing til I fill it again...lol.
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