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  1. Has anyone seen this before!?! My hot tub is less than a year old it's a Dynasty Palm Island II everything works great it has lots of extras like the ozone thing a gecko motor blah blah blah... But after only about 2 months in these little flakes started to appear, I have been a stickler for checking the water chemistry at least 2 times weekly. At first I really thought it was like someone's dead skin that came off 🤢 but it gradually got worse even after shocking, lowering the PH, water changing. We stored it for the winter after about 3 water changes for cleaning and pulled it back out, they
  2. These are exactly what our flakes look like started after about 2 months in our brand new Dynasty Palm Island II hot tub purchased late 2020, I thought I was very meticulous at keeping it cleaned and sanitized and tested it 2 times a week. We moved shortly after I did a lot of purging and excess cleaning b4 totally draining it's been stored for about 6months and today we refilled and the flakes came back... I'm scared
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