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  1. hey, I need some help... I have an MSPA LITE hot tub which has Always been fine up Until last week, I turned it off as the weather was bad and when I’ve gone to turn it back on it’s not making the beeping noise and the control panel Doesnt light up or come on! I’ve tried pressing the reset button on the power adaptor which usually makes a click noise when pressed but that doesn’t work either. I’ve changed the fuse in the plug and that hasn’t helped. It’s not the outside plug socket as the lights work and it has 2 red lights on socket to show it’s switched on. Any ideas on what this could be or has anyone experienced this problem Before please? My warranty is out so I can’t call MSPA
  2. Hi can anyone help? I have an MSPA Lite and up Untill the last week it’s been working fine, I switched it off at the wall socket as the weather was bad! Now it’s warmed up, I went to turn it on and it doesn’t beep, I’ve tried pressing the reset button and still doesn’t come on. Ive replaced the fuse in the plug and still nothing? Anyone know anything please
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