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  1. Ok more dumb questions - it looks like the lights come with a clear/rubber washer - does the silicone go under that, under the lens and then that and on the tub or what?
  2. Ok got new lights, got the old ones out (2 bad) - for install in the footwell, draining tub....do I need silicone around the flange or are they self sealing? BTW still never got a response they don't care - this stuff is not rocket science and given support thus far I will be servicing myself anyway - TIA - Jeff
  3. I hear ya - was difficult to go dealer shopping a year ago during the pandemic when it was "who can even get one" vs/ shopping around. Def would not be my choice in dealers.
  4. So is the warranty on Jacuzzi tubs 1 year parts and labor - coming up on a year fast, 3 months no service or even a return phone call. Warranty is over in 2 months. Called other dealers and they wont touch it, asked who sold and and was told to deal with them. Not sure what else to do just live with broken lights on a new tub? This is not rocket science.
  5. OK so poked around a bit this weekend. Took the front skirt off where the controls are, did not find much. I saw a main connector going into the control box which looks like for the main connection? The lights that are not working are on the left side of the tub (top and footwell) so I probably should have taken that skirt off instead? I did not see any junction point for lights - is there one other than the main lead going into the box? I didn't want to mess with too much since I don't have parts, if needed. We used the tub yesterday and the lights actually worked - albeit not bright and slow to change colors - still just the two, others are fine. Should I take off that side skit to try and find a junction? Called Jacuzzi again, called the local rep again - not mcuh luck. 😞 One other thing - in terms of the lights themselves - yes buried in foam, do you just dig them out? Tough to see if they are connected or anything else, just a wire going into a foam wall. If you pull the light out, does the seal etc stay in or is it one unit that has to be resealed. Not too worried about the top one as a trial test since it is not really on the water line or below but the footwell one has be concerned. Thanks again -
  6. Thanks for the reply - I am in Northern Virginia. I have reached out to Jacuzzi without much luck so I figured I would just fix them my self. I need to pull the panels off an snoop around. LED's usually last a good while so I am guessing it is a connection issue or a controller issue. Its only two lights right now so the "4 lights in a strand" has me concerned. One of the lights is high above or at the water line and the other is in the footwell. Thanks for taking time for the links - those lens bullets look like mine, clear. I will poke around this weekend and let ya'll know what I find.
  7. This tub was purchased in 2020 so I guess that is the model year? Anyway J-245 LED lights, two lights sometime work, sometimes don't...not sure if they are on the same circuit or not? Anyone else have issues? No other lighting issues but not have these two on is a bit annoying. Also on the color change they seem to lag behind the other lights when working? Have not removed any access panels to poke around. My guess is it is electric as in tied together vs. an issue with the actual light since they both do the same exact thing at the exact time - working or not. My local dealer is - horrible. Came out two months ago for the warranty repair and have called for a month with no response. Horrible. Really hoping nothing else goes wrong and I have to rely on them. Never even really said what's wrong with it... Was looking online for schematics and part diagrams - never found anything more current then 2016?? Is there a solid online source, no issues fixing myself just need to know where to start to look - Thanks - Jeff
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