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  1. Sorry it's soudal fix all ( I'm renovating an old house and have various types of sealers and glue) It doesn't look great but grey was the only colour I had at the time. As you'd expect it's very sticky but if you get wonder wipes and wet your finger with them you can spread it a bit like putty. It's very important to stitch it first
  2. I cut open the liner and found the burst pipe just like you said, after a fair amount of cursive language I managed to sort that issue, then on to the cut in the liner, I tried various patches and glue to no avail, I then had a brain wave to stitch the liner together with fishing line then patch over the top, the stitching worked well but the patches still couldn't cope with the air pressure, next idea (and running out of them)along with the stitching I put a layer of everbuild fix all over the stitching, let it set and pressured it up and had two tiny holes so I put another thick layer of fix all over the top and let it set, hey presto it's holding tight. Hopefully permanent
  3. That's worth a try indeed. Will give this a go when I'm off shift and let you know what I tried patching with.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I will give that a go and let you know how I get on. Are you still having leaks from where you cut the liner or from the internal piping?
  5. Hi, I have the same issue with my Maldives, did you find the air leak/broken pipe at the jet that was leaking or was it elsewhere?
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