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  1. There is no reason to go with the 60 amp service, there are many spas that can run off the 50 amp, but there are also spas that require the 60 amp for everything to work, and there are also spas that will not run everything .
  2. That's right we can run the heater the pumps on high speed , and the 24/7 circ pump all at the same time...
  3. I sell D1 as our main line , my secondary line is Clearwater, yes the Clearwater uses the pillar system , which I have not seen one failure from that,, Competitors try to use that all the time. And what's funny is these guys have never been around another brand of spa than what the sell, not even worked on one,, on the mesh who cares I have the props , customers can see them and the shells from10-12 different brands, I only use them if they bring it up on the how so and so's shell is this way how is yours,,,, This customer is happy with his spa why rain on his parade.
  4. Are the pumps bolted to the base ,, if so remove bolts,,, cig the pump is under the step I would use a pad.
  5. There are many brands that have quiet spas. Some to look at D1, Hot Springs, Sundance, Jacuzzi,Marquis, just to name a few a few , but for a quiet spa. I would definitely look at a spa with a low ampm24/7 circ pump, you won't hear the main pump coming on every 12 hours for 2 hours, Especially if below a bedroom,,
  6. I would agree you have picked some good brands. the dealer can make the difference on a great experience, and support, I would also check out your local D1 dealer . Each of the brands you have looked at all have different points, Sundance uses a horizontal filter ( the only one) beachcomber uses the pumps and guts under the high step, Bullfrog uses the different attachments that I would want to swap out in 10 degree weather.
  7. I' m back , been busy at work haven't had a chance to check in. Spawn I heard you guys over there got hit pretty good, on our side of the mountain we got 6-8 inches in town yesterday , we got more coming in tomorrow, winds kicking up again, supposed to see freezing rain tonight,...
  8. both styles work well ... but i woill take the 24/7 circ pump , it injects ozone 24/7 not only 4 hours a day... noise is a consideration you do not hear the main pump kick on in the middle of the night. If the circ pump filters are kept clean and the prescreen you would not have to replace that circ pump,,,, i had circ pump in my 20 year old spa and just replaced for the first time 2 years ago... matter of fact that is only the mechanical failure i had repplaced my cover twice.... most spas will have an automatic cleanup cycle on there spas after the bather exits the spa. but the standard filtration that comes on every 12 hours works, but its a matter of preference.. the other thing that the circ pump has an advatage is if the bather wants to just soak in the tub in say 20 degree weather the circ pump system only runs and heats,,, on the main pump filtration the heater will kick in and turn on the jets unless you drop the heater temp.....
  9. I sell the Amore Bay,, it is a great spa, nothing looks like it out there, that is one of the things that make it appealing... as for the shell warranty, the first 7 years covered on the Ultralife, after that it would need to be shipped to the factory to be repaired for free. One question is how many manufacturers at least offer this, not many, ok 1. But that is better than the acrylic shell they sell and everyone else has by Lucite. As for problematic i do not see it.... whats the problem.....parts propietary....what....... i can get the parts from Spa Parts PLus, Or Easy Spa arts, or even from Gecko, Spiffydave the price is great we just got with our Fair up here in Spokane and i sold a couple of them during the Fair and our Fair price was higher., Your buying a great product from D1 , they have your back if there is a need, I can call if i have a question and these guys have jumped through hoops to make sure our customers are taking care of if i need it.. If you have any questions you can call me or pm me as well..
  10. I gotta say this is getting very good.... i have sold Marquis and i currently sell D1,,,, Your telling me that you can fix the leak faster in one than the other,,, oh i also sella thermal chamber spa,,,, i can find the leak very quick in both,,,, i use a very high tech very expensive gadget..most can't afford.....its a wood dowel,,,, i can find a fix the leak in both in the same amount of time.... the structure with foam the Sundance Marquis can't stand alone filled with water without a structure,, Clearwater has a pillar system which does noty need a surround and Arctic shell cantsit on the ground without a structure frams as well.... But there is more to the differences of the spas...the inner workings.....
  11. There is nothing wrong with the Roto molds,,,, they have a lot of the same guts that the big lines have.... yes the Freeflow premier sereis have removable sides. So does the South Pacific which also has a hard rot mold two piece cover with built in lifter,,, also the Srong spas are built well...I would still buy these over a used spa anyday... not tio say there are not some great buys on used with a high end brand, But i have sold lots of the rotomolds and actually have less warranty or service calls on these than my main lines.....they are great little spas at a great buy on a budget..
  12. it should also be on the date plate, inside the pump compartment... hav e you looked at the guts to see what kind of shape they are in
  13. both brands are very good , did you know that Jacuzzi owns Sundance....Sundance made in Chino California,,, Jacuzzi made in Mexico,,,i am a fan of the ozone not a fan of the stereo system......just like Spa Guru said don't buy on wetest he is hoping you buy on the emotion....
  14. Masanori, Sorry to hear the problem,,, sounds like the dealer let you down, not D1, Are you sure he replaced it with a Sunstar and not a different manufacturer, when i order in replacement covers we have a local company that makes covers, when i order i spec out the skirt length , the location of the straps and locks and such.... But like D1 said you take a little piece and melt it ... i jhave done before. i have also filled with colored wood filler. not perfect but helps,,, good luck . If you got any questions just like before let me know...
  15. bOth are very good brands, I have sold Marquis and it is a very good company, I currently sell the D1 . they are to a very good company and a very good spa as well. Some big differances beteen the 2, D1 uses the low amp 24/7 circ pump with the factory installed water mangement system , ( the ozone system) there are 3 chambers of U.V versus one, also has a longer life cycle . it also offgases in the chamber so no offgasing in the main vessel of water thus the ozone is still working when you need it the most , when you are usin g the tub, the Marquis offgases in the main vessel and shuts of when you are in thge spa with the pumps running,, If you want to just soak in the winter win the D1 the heater works with the circ pump not main pump, the Marquis heater works with pump one, and if the temp drops the main pump kicks on, unless you override the heater and drop the temp when you get in...also there filter cycles every 12 hours for 2 hours thus ozone only is working for 4 hours a day on average. Also on chemicals they use the Spa Frog cartridges, i was not a fan of those when is old and still do not like,, you have to replace the Bromine cartridge more often then the dealer tells you...been there done that. but also with the spa running every 12 hours the bromine powder dilutes in the chamber till the pump kicks on then you get a huge dose of bromine to cover the use of the bather, then need to be residual in there till the filter kicks on agin or the pumps are running when you are in it. both have abs pans on the base,, the foam thing who cares on the number they both insulate very well and are very close on heating costs... the Nautique is a little smaller the Natilus would be the same same wise. should be about the same price range then the Nautique,Also the M-Drive on the D1 has multiple reminders, cleaning the filter, changing Vision cartridge, If error occurs it has more than just a code... also you can sdjust the length of time the jets are running.... I think for the differance there is a lot of value there on the D1.... But go in and say you want a better deal and tell him you are looking at the Marquis see what they will do.....Good Luck, If you have any more questions you can contact me no problem...
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