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  1. I need to learn as much as possible about it. The panel to the control box is missing. What series Is It, the model number. I’ve replaced the motor and wet end, pressure switch but for some reason it still want stay running. & instead of it tripping the gfci box outside it trips inside which I know isn’t right. How do I begin to troubleshoot when I don’t know where to start. I need to learn everything about it.
  2. I’ve searched online for a manual for my leisure bay pro shield hot tub but I’m not having any luck. Can someone please help me out before I loose my mind lol. The cover is missing from the electrical box so I cannot find a model number but I did find a picture of one someone has online but I’m not sure if all of them are the same. I’ll post some different pictures and hopefully some of you can help me out.
  3. What all would I have to replace to go digital?
  4. I was given a leisure bay pro-shield hot tub and the electrical panel box is missing and I’m trying to find out what this black switch is for. I’ve looked online for a manual but I haven’t had any luck.
  5. This is the part that screws into the top of pump so where exactly do I need to put the tee? I’m assuming I have to cut the hose/pipe since the valve is on top of the Union am I right or does it need to be done a different way?
  6. I had to order a new pump my older one has 3 holes for hook up but I was told that they don’t make them like that anymore that they only come with 2 hose hook up for wet end. My question is how do I tee off the hose that was in the top hole like to the input or out put?
  7. Ok hun I’ll try to get some better pictures tomorrow. I may have to get someone to remove the panel that’s in front of it to get some better pictures.
  8. Hi I was given a leisure bay hot tub and I’m getting it hooked up but the problem is that the pump is leaking water bad so I’m gonna have to replace it. The problem is I don’t know anything about what I’m looking for. Do I need to replace the motor and pump or just have it rebuilt. Do I have to go back with the same name brand pump or just certain information on the new pump such as amps, hp etc? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
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