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  1. Hi CST, thanks for the response. I just wanted to respond and save someone else months or years down the road from doing something stupid. My hot tub is 100% working! Right after I posted here, I wrote back to the manufacturer too. Even though I had a spa tech come look at my hot tub and tell me everything looked right other than the bad heating element, I still asked the manufacturer to confirm. I had the pump with the heater (pump 1) plugged into the port for pump 2 on the board, and vice versa. As soon as I corrected that, the errors went away and the tub heated up to whateve
  2. I'm following up on this one as the spa still seems to have an issue. I don't know if I should start a new thread so I'll just continue this one since it relates to the same issue. I received my OEM 5.5 kw replacement and installed it. I had to drain about half of the hot tub to install it, so after installing it, I filled it back up. Everything seemed to have been heating properly, but now I'm getting error codes of: OHH dr SnS HFL The most consistent one is the OHH. Before replacing this heating element, I didn't see any of these flow-related issues.
  3. As you suspected, the heater is malfunctioning. I want to order the 5.5 kw replacement but want to make sure that it will work. I can find no documentation that says that i can replace the 58081 with the 58083. Physical specs are the same but want to make sure before pulling the trigger. Thank you so much for your responses!
  4. Thank you so much for the response! First I'm including the diagrams that the manufacturer included when I asked for their help. This was their response: I haven't had the chance to use a volt meter on it, but will try to do so tomorrow. I did adjust the jumpers to where only #4 was in the up position. That's pretty much the only change that I made. I'm also including pictures of my current setup in case it helps. Currently It's still sitting at around 83 degrees. Thank you, Scott
  5. Hello, I bought a 2011 Marquis Reward spa 2nd hand and have a question about the electrical wiring. It is definitely heating, but it has taken 2 days to get to 83 degrees. I believe the previous owner was running on 120v. I have 240 ran but also noticed on the wiring diagram that it says to completely disconnect jumper from J35 and J64 and discard. I have a jumper wire from J35 to W1, but don't see any reference to that on the diagram. Should I discard that? I have already set jumper 2 on the A block to "Up" position as instructed on the Balboa diagram. Thank you for any help you can pr
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