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  1. So I finally have gotten this hot tub installed and wired up. Left it open to look for leaks and see how it all works. It is a 2001 Sundance optima, and it has only one central area of leaking. The side piece with the black tape on it (flex tape) just to run it and see if the heater works. If I turn the pump to the right on it spays water out of what I’m calling a manifold. Is that what this is? Is a manifold under this cover or do I need a new cover??
  2. Thank you! That helps a lot!!
  3. I believe there are 4 controls on the top of the tub. So they just stay open/cut off like that or is there a valve that needs to be put on them?
  4. Another question. Am I missing a manifold of some type here? 4 small hoses into a manifold?
  5. Thank you both for the replies btw. New here so I have to learn how to navigate this too! Cranbiz, will do. Wasn’t thinking the skirt was enough but it’s better to ask from people who know instead of assume!
  6. Oh I have that planned already. I know that is a must. I have been told I should build a cradle of sorts to have it set in at least. I just don’t know for sure.
  7. I have a used Sundance Optima I just got. I don’t want to mess around with leveling, cement, stones, pads... I am basically going to build my deck around the tub. I want to suspend it off the ground and just support it flush mounted by the deck. Is this possible or is it pretty much required to have some sort of support under the middle of the tub?? thanks in advance!!
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