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  1. Did it come with a free synthesizer or a Flux capacitor? Your water looks great btw.
  2. Have you ever used Fix-A-Leak? Kinda looks like that.
  3. A Scientist Explains How a Hot Bath Delivers Some of The Same Effects as Exercise This is a health regimen I can easily insert into my life, and I feel fortunate to have this as an option. All of you should do the same. Let's all focus on our health in a way that's easy to appreciate.
  4. Well, upon further investigation it appears you're $10 estimate might not be far off! I discovered my local library has Kill A Watt devices available to borrow for one-week stretches (which was quite a surprise!). Even it's only been plugged in for ~30 hours, the KAW is estimating monthly cost to be around $15. Obviously there are countless variables, but the net result looks to be way less than I would've guessed! I'll be posting my results at the end of the week somewhere around here. It's at 5.00kWh so far after 32 hours.
  5. Disclaimer: I'm just an average Joe, I'm just sharing my recent findings that saved me a lot of money. TLDR: Check Ebay and Amazon for 5-packs at a fraction of the cost at spa retailers and parts stores. I needed to replace a 1/8a slow-blow fuse in my spa pack. Here are prices from various spa retailers: hottuboutpost.com: 1 for $8.47 Dream Maker (manufacturer): 1 for ~$10 (had to call) Local spa shop: 1 for $11 Versus Ebay: 5 for $4 ($0.80 each)(name brand was Cooper Bussman), which was the going rate for that type of fuse. I kept wondering won
  6. I spent 30 mins trying to help identify it for you. All I can say is good luck! Here's the most helpful link I could find: https://www.hottuboutpost.com/coast-spa-parts/ If you figure it out, let me know out of curiosity. Wish I could be of more help.
  7. Oh, and see if you can locate and download the manual. There should be a troubleshooting section that might offer some help at the very least.
  8. Time to start the troubleshooting process. My experience is limited to my hot tub (Dream Maker), but yours should be similar I assume. Open the access panel to the "guts" of the spa. Locate the control pack that contains the control board. Take a picture of the wiring diagram and upload it here. (Learned that one from RDspaguy) And then if I were you, (with power off at the breaker) I'd unplug all cables plugged into the control circuit board, then plug them in one by one, restoring and disconnecting power between each test to see which component was affected by the water.
  9. Last update: Completed. As I mentioned in my previous post, I punctured the hose (picture with duct-taped tube) yesterday. It looks like my GOOP (glue adhesive) and my duct tape fix ended up working great! Just needed to dry overnight last night. I've been running it all day and there's no leak. I've been posting these updates in the hopes that it'll help someone who finds themselves in my shoes fix their hot tub. Plus, I can refer to it in the future if I need to. While there are still minor issues with the hot tub that need fixing, it feels nice to have it up and ru
  10. Well done! I admire your woodworking skills! Thanks for sharing
  11. If I was in your situation, I would buy a $25 inflatable kiddie pool from Walmart (275 gallons), use a transfer pump to drain water from hot tub to kiddie pool, push it and put the water back. If you don't have a transfer pump, Harbor Freight has a high quality drill-powered one that has awesome reviews. I think it's rated at around 400 GPH. I scored two Ryobi transfer pumps @ $25 each a while back, and I have used it with the hot tub many times. Their normal price is $110. HF sells one for $65 that looks better constructed than mine (theirs is all metal). I also use mine wit
  12. Update #3, it's fixed!: I was able to pull out the wiring that was affected from the control panel easily. There was a crimp connection where wires were spliced together that was rusted out (had heat-shrink tubing to protect it, but the HS tubing was broken and exposing the crimp connection). I cut the rusted connection, then took the three wires and stripped the ends off (about half an inch, maybe a tad less), and then I twisted them together with a wire nut. I then put the wiring back in and connected everything, and it works great! BUT!!!! Of course, nothing can
  13. I was able to figure out just enough to fix my problem with the lights (I think, at least... only time will tell). For my hot tub (x-400), the wiring for the lights is spliced. The wire from the control board is split into two. I've attached a picture of the connection that was made. They put heat-shrink tubing around the connection, but the heat-shrink tubing failed and the connection was rusty. I was looking for the replacement harness, but I cannot find it so I'm a bit perplexed. All I can find is a one-light wiring harness. So what I did was I cut out the rusted crimp c
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