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  1. I have a 10,000 gallon pool and find to keep pool alkalinity at right level, I need to add ~25lbs of Alkalinity Up every 2 weeks or so during the swim season in Northern CA. Is that normal. I I also should add about 25lbs of Hardness increaser.....our city water is soft. I elect not to do that and live with softer water....but I think it's important to have alkalinity at right level. Any help to keep costs down would be appreciated. Thx Scott
  2. Hi - I have an inground pool and separated (but connected) inground spa. The spa is a few inches higher in elevation than the pool. They are running off of the same pump/equipment. I have an issue where spa is overflowing when pump is running for the pool. When finished, the spa then drains to a level equal to the pool (which is too low). Is this a check valve issue - if so I am not clear if I have one or where it's located? Is an adjustment needed in the Jandy valves? I have attached picture of pool and plumbing/equipment layout. Thx Scott IMG_1944.HEIC
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