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  1. This is all awesome information. Thank you so much! This morning we removed some of the hot tub water. Not all of it. Replaced the water and the yellow flashing light has turned to a solid yellow light. We are moving in the right direction. Again the salt test strip shows all is well. We are not going to try to adjust anything for 24 hours. Try to let salt do it’s thing. The other test strip and the water vile test shows everything is in the appropriate range. Cross your fingers. I will look at the salt cartridge as well. As for the info for the dealer. I understand. It is really unfortunate that I was swayed by the sales pitch with all the promises. In hindsight I am very disappointed with myself. There was no testing of the water prior to delivery. The head guy said he does not test any water for new tubs His explanation was 99% of all water tested in the past has been “ok” and therefore everyone’s water will be fine. According to him he sells 1000’s of tubs and this has never been a problem. My water is well water run thru our water softener. Yes is is very hard. The delivery person filled the tub with well water. No one asked if we had hard water nor a softener. That was the beginning of our problems. The hard water was over 500ppm. It took the local spa store to determine the water was not run thru the softener. I did call the company that handles our softener. He did confirm our water is right where it should be. His only recommendation was to was the available soft water when filling the tub. Which we are doing. One problem fixed. Yes, it would have been very beneficial for the to be tested and saved us four refills of our tub and hours of exacerbation. We were sure we wanted a Hot Springs salt water system. I would like to try to figure this out. It was indicated to me the maintenance for this system would be minimal. I did feel as I had reached out with my frustration to the “head” guy. But again I was let down. I anticipated a return call from someone to check in on me that we had figured everything out. Yet again no interest in making sure the customer is happy with the purchase. I would think that should be normal business practices. Is there a specific department at my dealer for this situation? A way to bypass the salesman? Someone to walk me thru the issues I am having. I understand calling the service line will send me back to the dealer. This is the first tub we have owned. I do enjoy it very much. I want this to be my therapeutic escape from reality. This has been reality slap in the face. This was a major purchase for us. I would like to know I am not just a number to reach a monthly goal for a stipend to the salesman. Thank you again for your knowledge and suggestions.
  2. I can look at it. It drops down into a compartment. It’s a cartridge type plug. what would it look like if it needed to be placed?
  3. Thank you for your help. This dealer was the only Hot Springs dealer for hundreds of miles from us. We never even met him. Everything was done over the phone. Thanks again for all of your help. i will look on Monday for a help line for Hot Springs.
  4. We do have soft water in our home. We do have a well and therefore extremely hard water. It was also one of first issues we went up against. not sure why but they did not test our water prior to filling it. Not sure why they didn’t.. oh yea this is why. the guy who called said “if he had to test water for every tub they sell...blah blah blah” and so on. He sells 1000’s of tubs You get the point. The guy from the water place confirmed our house levels we correct. Then refilled the tub again with soft water. Bingo. No hard water. Ok one thing down. Next was pH and alk. With the soften water pH and alk was fairly simple to correct for. Ok on the next thing. John salt. again this is how I got here.
  5. I appreciate your help. when I wrote a bad review due to other things, I received a call from a guy who was above the guy who was above the salesman. This should not be the person who calls. All he did was blame me, talk over me and tell me how spas he’s filled or tests he’s completed. Blah blah blah Never really did listen to me. Was to have called me last Wednesday to check on an appt I had with my water guy bc I still had no resolution (at the time) to my hard water issues. can I contact Watkins wellness directly? in addition, the the store is several hundred miles away. I have resorted to a local spa store who has bent over backwards to help me. I am afraid if we don’t get this figured out pretty soon; they can either have the damn thing back or our warranty will be void bc of something we did or didn’t do.
  6. This will be the fifth time we will have to drain and refill. we have been taking the water to be tested. Did have very phosphate. Changed to a different spigot, problem solved. Changing to a different spigot also changed the hardness. Bc of the high hardness we had been trying several ways. Before we knew it was the water our filters were beat up. We did a filter soak to expand the length of those very expensive little ******. Really looked better after soak. Thoroughly cleaned and reinstalled. Everything was great. Hardness down. Ph and alk. manageable to correct. Store says salt is great. Couple days later the yellow light is solid. Tub says high. Stick says just right. Or even a little low. Added 1/6 of the original fill amount of salt. Stayed yellow for about a day. Then went to flashing yellow. And here we are today. At my wits end!!!
  7. Our Hot Springs hot tub is about six weeks old and we have yet to get ALL of the chemicals right at the same time. Finally got ph alk correct. Salt is now off the charts in the tub (light flashing yellow, from solid yellow). Although stick test for salt says just right. My dealer is not very pleasant to speak/deal with. Hence reaching out for assistance. please help! Midwest Mama
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