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  1. the skin irritation only lasted till I showered, nothing more. But still dealing with the chemical burns to my vocal chords and lungs. I honestly don't know what all was added from the Baquaspa chemicals 2 weeks ago, my husband takes care of that. It's the usual weekly maintenance that my husband does, per the pool chemical place we purchased it from. He used Baquaspa test strips and there's weekly chemicals we're instructed to add per what's indicated on the strips. Going forward, he will be a lot more careful and test before we go in. For a couple months, when I go in, we won't u
  2. Thanks so much, Waterbear, for your help. We'll stick with the chlorine, not wanting to add any more chemicals to the brew, since it's my chemical sensitivity that caused us to move away from biguinide in the first place. I wish I had gone with my gut feeling when the pool store sales lady was pushing Baquaspa on us, I wanted to go with bromide, but she talked me out of it. Live and learn....always the hard way.
  3. OK, having real problems purging out the biguinide, Drained it last week, refilled it, got rid of the old filter. After it refilled, added the jet cleaner, letting it run for a couple hours. Drained it, refilled, added new filter, balanced alkalinity, PH and hardness. It looked great, added the dichlor, the water turned green, cloudy and gunk formed on the water line. Drained it out, soaked the filter overnight in in filter cleaner. Hosed the filter off and let it dry. So today, 5 days later, I spent over an hour with a very powerful shop vacuum, sucked out all the jets. I could still hear
  4. I have ordered a new filter, some Spa System flush from SpaDepot. Should be here next week. I've drained the tub and will refill, add the spa flush with no filter, then refill and start with a new filter and dichlor.
  5. Thanks so much for your help. We are going to switch to Dichlor/chlorine after we drain and clean the tub. I likely won't use the jets when I'm in it for a good amount of time...which kinda sucks. It's been 10 days and I still have terrible laryngitis and have to see an ENT this Friday for this issue. Hopefully, permanent damage hasn't been done.
  6. Help! We have been using BaquaSpa since getting our new Lifesmart Coronado (that has an ozone water treatment built in) tub last October. We are infrequent users. Hubby tested water with strips on Friday, adding recommended chemicals. Got in on Sunday. The cover was off most of that day. We got in, after awhile my skin was irritated and my throat. The next morning my throat was raw, hardly able to swallow or speak and having a hard time breathing (I'm an asthmatic). Hubby only noticed skin irritation, no upper respiratory issues. Went to my Pulmo doc. and he's seen this happen befor
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