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  1. @waterbear: another question (sorry to pester, just still trying to wrap my head around all the details). If I have an ozonator (running 8 hrs/day) and a N2 cartridge and, say, shock to 10-12ppm then cover and leave for a few days, the chlorine will eventually go to 0 but will the ozonator and N2 maintain sanitation given no use? or at least for awhile?
  2. Lol. Believe it or not, they do eventually grow up (or at least get old enough to send away 😂)
  3. Thanks again for the sound advice (I can easily go toward over-thinking everything myself;)
  4. Makes sense. What ppm of shock do you go for before turning it off?
  5. Another question: with your set-up, what do you do when you go away (say for more than a couple days)?
  6. I read Nitro's post on calculating CD, and would like to do it after purging and decontamination and a new fill. My question is how to do this given my tub has an ozonator which runs a minimum of 8 hours per day. Should I simply turn off the spa for 24 hours after the 30 minutes of jets?
  7. Thank you, this makes sense. I think I will dump half the water to get the cya into the 30s then rebalance, etc.
  8. Makes Sense. One more question: how much chlorine do you hit it with after use?
  9. Thanks. What level of FC do you target?
  10. Hi All! Just found this site and feel that the hot tub world is beginning to make sense. I have a 390 Gallon HT with an ozonator and had been using the Nature 2 + MPS, which seemed to be working fine. However, it appears my wife is sensitive to the MPS (started getting a poison ivy type rash) which made me look into other methods and came across this site (I was already getting skeptical of the costs anyway). My question is basically: should I dump the water and start over (I just refilled less than a month ago) or can I convert it over? Here are my latest tests: FC 1ppm, TCl 1.8pp, cya 76, Ph
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