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  1. Thanks, I purchased 77087 Main Circuit Board for 73223 IQ 2020, my serial number is VV2G1993. Based on part numbers and replacement part numbers I believe this is the correct one. But if anyone knows differently please let me know!
  2. Awesome thanks just ordered a new board! I will say this tub was running fine 2 months ago and I tend to think the charr may have been sometime in the past and unknown.
  3. You're saying a component on the board shorted itself and caused the damage or something else? Do I need to replace both the heater board and the main board or just the main board?
  4. I just acquired a Hot Spring Vanguard VV 2005 Serial Number VV2G1993 from my cousin. Upon hooking it up at our house, we noticed that the main control board, not the heater board, is burnt. I'm looking to replace the control board (p/n 77087) but wondering how the board was burnt in the first place? Could it be a bad sensor or pump? I don't want to buy the $400 board, and burn it up again. Also, should I be replacing the heater board too?
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