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  1. @RDspaguyThanks for the reply. To 'run the pump', does that mean I turn the jets on while draining? How do I plug off the filter port?
  2. We recently moved into a house with a hot tub in the basement. We would like to drain it, but aren't sure how? Please see the attached pic for the set up. The hose on the right comes from the bottom of the filter, passes by the white handle in the middle, then goes up to a tap. There is a black hose from the tap that goes to a floor drain. I turned the tap on and can hear water flowing very slowly, but not sure how it's going to fully drain with the tap up so high. I'm assuming it pumps somehow, but not sure what to do. Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Thanks so much @ratchett Very helpful!
  4. We moved into a house recently that has a hot tub in the basement. This is our first time owning a hot tub and I had no idea what to do. The previous owner left some chemicals behind, so after a little research I bought some test strips (after a lot of research I realize this is a no no) and attempted to balance the water. We used the tub for about 6 weeks, water is clear, doesn't smell, filter has been rinsed and is very clean since it's indoors. The tub has a bromine floater and I've been shocking 1-2x/wk. All was well, although it was very difficult to tell with the test strips if the
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