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  1. It is "HASA" brand. SODIUM DICHLORO-S-TRIAZINETRIONE 98% Other Ingredients 2% Available Chlorine 56%
  2. Thanks! Adding 3ppm dichlor still doesn't give me the result in the linked picture. I might have to add 3ppm more. That would be a total of 39ppm dichlor. Any idea why I'm not getting the same 10/9 dichlor/CYA relationship? It's my first time using this method after two failed fills so I'm worried about messing it up again.
  3. I retested using this technique and it was noticeably "cloudier," making me comfortable that I'm actually closer to 30ppm CYA. I could still see the dot so I may add another 3-5ppm dichlor and retest. Thanks for the guidance.
  4. @waterbear, thanks for the reply. You nailed it. I did a purge with ahh-some, and completed Nitro's decontamination procedures. Based on the green substance that floated to the surface during purge I think you're spot on about the under-chlorination. I've refilled after the decon procedure and I've now added 33ppm dichlor over the course of a week and a half or so. The water seems to be testing great. Just checked it and I'm at 4.5ppm FC and ~0.2ppm CC. So I'm happy with where I'm at. I think I'm ready to switch to bleach. I should have 30 ppm CYA at this point. However, when I test using my Taylor 2006 I get all the way to the top of the small comparator tube and can still clearly see the black dot. Indicating I'm at less than 30ppm CYA. Is it possible the ozonator is reducing the CYA? Should I go ahead and switch to bleach now based on my CYA estimation or wait until I test 30ppm on the test kit? My tub is 325 gallons.
  5. I just took a fresh set of readings. They are as follows: pH: 8.0 TA: 80 CH: 170 CYA: 50 FC: 0.5 CC: 6.5 My understanding was by adding the 2.5 cups of 6% bleach I would exceed 25ppm. Do I have that wrong? I'm using 10ml given the high CC present. This most recent test required 13 drops to turn from bright pink to clear. After my first failed fill I used a product from Marquis called "jetline cleaner" It came in the box of stuff from the salesman. I followed the label's instructions. As far as I know my FC has never dropped to zero on this most recent fill. I want to emphasize that I have an ozinator. I'm still learning how that affects my FC levels. Thanks for your help!
  6. First of all, thanks for making this such a great resource. Our salesman told us nothing about water chemistry when we bought our new PDC Spa a couple months ago. I've learned everything I know about water chemistry on this forum. Here's my issue. After a totally failed first fill that resulted in foamy water after about three weeks. I started with a fresh fill a couple of weeks ago. Got TA and pH into acceptable ranges and begin using dichlor to sanitize to roughly 3ppm after each soak. I should point out our spa has an ozinator. This was going well until I learned about the bleach method and realized my CYA at that point was over 100. I drained the tub down some and added fresh water to get CYA ~80. Even though I know that's an elevated CYA level for the bleach method, I started using bleach instead of dichlor. That was going well too until I realized my CC levels were waaaaay out of acceptable range. I'm talking in the 10ppm range when tested on my Taylor 2006 kit. I've tried adding MPS, leaving the cover open in sunlight, super chlorinating with 2.5 cups 6% bleach, and nothing has worked to get those CC levels down. I have two questions: how do I get CC levels down and is it safe to use tub with levels that high? I'm hoping I don't have to drain and refill... EDIT: I should have added that the water is clear, I don't have significant foaming, and I'm not smelling noticeable chloramines
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