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  1. Well gentlemen, capacitors changed and exact same circumstances. No change. what are your thoughts on these resistors, (the 4 right of the caps) that were covered in the ooze that leaked out of the caps. I tried running continuity test through the resistors and I had zero on the top 3, but some Slight readings on the bottom. im thinking of CHanging these resistors from the other board.... otherwise I have to buy 100 pack of each, cause all 4 are different. the three on the top of capacitors may need to be changed as well?
  2. Hahaha! @CanadianSpaTech I must say, “Catscratchewan” is definitely a new one for me. I spent a number of years in the Brandon, area for work, so I know the territory. And yes, home base for you is definitely a ways off. looks that the old Argo/Roughrider banter will Never die. Gotta love the CFL. I’ll also hold all my sports chatter and banter, until I get this hot tub going, anyway...🤪🤪
  3. Haha. No joke, I’m a Canadian too! update while I’m at the office today, changed the capacitors on my desk and will try later today.... pray for me. 🤞🤞
  4. Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Yeah, I think ill pull the board and try replacing those caps, and maybe anything else that looks goofy. Otherwise, looks like I’ll be ordering a board online, And see what happens. Couldn’t I just run some timed extension cords for the circ pump and heater? 😹😹😹
  5. Yes. You are correct. As soon as the spa is powered on, jet pump 1 runs on constant. Topside panel shows jet pump 1 logo flashing, as well as water temperature, (50*) COOL AND ICE. I do believe jet pump 2 is supposed to kick in, as well, but it does not. I haven’t looked into that a whole Bunch yet, as I feel that motor may need replacing as it’s quite stiff.
  6. Would being unable to unlock the topside panel have anything to do with these issues? If I do the display mode down sequence, the lock symbol flashes, but doesn’t disappear. I read somewhere on the circ pump sequence programming for summer logic, but seeing the water is only 50* it should run regardless. I feel the reason for the lockout is the ICE and COOL code.....
  7. Confirmed, those do match the old board. Also found this jumper schematic. Everything seems to be where it needs to be. 600-180_6600-398_jumper_settings.pdf
  8. Update today, pulled the E-prom from the old board, from what I can make out, numbers are the same. Well, the main number is anyways. (The one engraved in the chip) Same action on the hot tub. Ohmed out my heater and it’s reading around 11.1. So I feel the heater is good, which is a bonus. also I’ve attached a picture from the other board, of those filter things that appear to look leaky on the current board. They do look very slightly bulged at the top. Is this my next course of action? Or any further insight?
  9. I also just want to thank all who are chiming in here, and providing their insight. It is truly appreciated, as I consider myself quite handy, but definitely not a hot tub expert at this point.
  10. It is to my knowledge that the board was in fact replaced. And it never worked. And I’m realizing now that this could very well be the reason it was “gifted” to me. I did notice that the 6600-098 board has been replaced with the 6600-728, so not sure the difference there. I have also found a refurbished 098 board for $360 CAD. But if I put a new board in, I could very well be in the same Boat as currently. looks like I’ll need at minimum another 18 pack of barley sandwiches.
  11. I think the spare is smoked. It was the reason it was changed about 4 years ago. So Not sure if either of them are good at this point. So here’s my dilemma, ( and don’t tell my wife, ) this tub was a side project tub, and I’m fine to sink $600-$700 into it for another board, but is there any way to test the heater before I drop that money into a board? I would hate to buy a board, just to find out I gotta sink another $4-500 into the heater assembly. and i also need a new cover.... but I can likely build that.
  12. The beer is the only way one can get through a brain stew of this magnitude.....🥸. So I do have a spare board, that came with the tub, as this board was to be brand new. So any ideas which relay I would be looking at swapping?
  13. Morning gentlemen, well, I let the spa run all night, and still no change. Fuses are all good, checked continuity opposed to voltage, but all 5 fuses check out as good.
  14. Excellent to hear. I will definitely try that today after work and see what results I can come up with. Thanks for your insight! It is very muchly appreciated. Ok. I did shut it off, but I will let it run overnight. I will post the pictures as well. And yes, I have a fairly cheap volt meter. It’s not a real fancy one, but I can likely get one.
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