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  1. Okay thank you, il unplug the freezer see if that makes any difference
  2. I was told the power lead was really short could that be a problem ? It would run fine when it was broken but now we have the parts working properly new pump and heater it's tripping after 20 mins 😫
  3. How to you know if it has one of those breakers ?? I had to get an adapter for the plug as not a normal UK plug think it's American ( round prongs rather than normal UK square) Mine is just plugged into a socket in the shed only other thing plugged in is a freezer 🤷‍♀️ but it doesn't trip the socket it's only the hot tub that turn off nothing else
  4. Il check in the morning for a leak around the pump... its a plug in tub and tub is cold just been filled
  5. No ozone only connectors I have is the m7 heater so copper things and 2 sensor connectors , the pump, the control panel , and power wire
  6. Yep .. everything straight off and won't turn back on until left for a while
  7. Turn hot tub on , Pr mode comes on Jets Come on Heater lights pings on After 5-10 mins hot tub loses power ???
  8. So my dad has been playing around and the control panel seems to all be in order now so when pushing jet 1 nothing put a click on the circuit board , then push the snd jet button the high speed jets comes on ??
  9. Brand new waterway 2speed pump fitted today but when I press jets button on topside panal I only get high speed or off ?? When pumps turn of I get HL .. switched the wires around and get low speed but not high any idea what it could be ... only buttons on topside panel it : jet , jets , temp and light... I must add that pressing the second jets button it turns the light on and when pressing the light button it highers the temp, temp button lowers temp and 1st jet button either turns on high speed or off ...
  10. Hi rewiring a new pump to hot tub and a little nut has gone down a hole is it okay in there or will the whole thing need to come apart to get it out ... fell down where the purple arrow is 😭
  11. Ahh okay thank you il leave it alone ☺ I thought it was broken as it opens inwards I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it did ... thank god I found this forum ... thank you
  12. Thank you all this is new to me been watching lots of YouTube videos to keep with error codes and stuff ... do u know how it opens ?? It's not lose its snaps back very fast I didnt know if a part was missing thats meant to help it open
  13. Hi .. so I have this old hot tub that has been given to me and when I pulled out the filter to find details to replace it and I seen this black latch attached to the bit of plastic that goes into the middle of the filter ( I think it's to hold it in place ) we'll this latch is on a spring so it stays shut unless opened which is very fiddly to do and I can't see how it opens with a filter in place... any ideas what it's for ??? I can't find any info through Google Attached photo .. if u look inside the small hole u can just about see it
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