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  1. I have recently filled my hot tub up with well water. I have access to soft water but everything I read said to use I softened water. Now my water hardness is through the roof. I’m looking at websites saying the only way to bring it down is by draining and filling with soft water. What is everyone doing to lower the water hardness or should I just use softened water to begin with?
  2. Back to tripping breaker, if I plug pump 1 in I can not reset the breaker. Resets fine otherwise.
  3. I moved the wires at pump 2 as directed. So far the pool is running great
  4. The problem came back, tub ran for 24 hours like it should. I turned the pump up to high speed and tripped breaker. Motor was noticeably warm to touch. Breaker would not reset the rest of the day. I wanted to see if the issue was high amperage or ground fault so I used a normal 50 amp breaker to see if it would run. It runs fine without gfci. I feel like it’s a motor issue but I would hate to buy a new pump and have the same issue. The pump turns easily but I think I may have a ground fault in the motor. With the breaker tripping at so many different run times it is hard to pin down the issue. If I unplug pump 1 it will not trip any breakers.
  5. I have moved dip switch A10 to the on position and it has ran for an hour and a half without tripping my breaker. Thank you for the replies, you just saved me from unnecessarily buying a new motor. I am still unclear why it worked for two weeks before this became an issue. Any ideas what would cause this to be a problem 2 weeks into running? Could this be a sign that my pump motor is drawing more amperage on my pump because of another issue? Just curious. Thanks again to all that helped
  6. Ok thank you I just assumed it came from balboa set up correctly with the information I have given them when purchasing spa pack. I will give this a try
  7. They are both 230 volt motors.
  8. So yesterday I drained tub because water was nasty, went out this morning filled up and tried it, seems to be holding fine now. I did not make any changes just wanted to get an amp clamp on motor. Has been running for over twenty minutes with no tripped breaker. This doesn’t make sense.
  9. A few more details on my last post, this unit has 2 240V jet motors, and no circulation pump. When I plugged pump 1 into pump 2 connection on board, the pump would not run, it was trying but did not run. I am unsure if the wiring for pump 1 and 2 are the same, but when pump one is plugged into pump one spot it seems to have no issues starting up. The heater turns on and all looks good. Within a few minutes after heater turns on breaker trips.
  10. Two weeks ago I replaced my spa pack. Everything worked great since then. Now my breaker is tripping when it runs for 10 minutes, or if I turn my jets on high, or turn on the other jet pump. The tub is new to me, so all the wiring and breakers are new. I am using a 50 amp GFCI at service panel and installed a spade type disconnect outdoors. I have unplugged the lights and ozone to make sure that is not the issue with no results. Has anyone had a motor to start to fail, yet still runs for a short time before kicking the breaker? The two motors are the only thing that has not been replaced but has worked the last 2 weeks. Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. I unhooked the heater, and the error still comes back. I did check voltage on the board, one terminal has 6 volts and the other has no voltage. I do appreciate the response, I did think maybe that would let the error clear but it did not. The topside controls will not let me make any changes, the backlight comes on but none of the control buttons work. I did not own the tub when the code first came in so I am unsure if there was any other issues.
  12. The top side controls are locked when the fault comes in, I cannot change anything. The pool is currently probably 50 degrees. The heater is not getting any voltage to it so I am not sure if that is caused by the fault or the board.
  13. I have purchased a used coleman 460 mach3 with a balboa instrument control board. I am getting an odd error code. The code is HO and the last letter looks like half of a lower case b. After messing with it, I did get a HHO code and the pump would kick on to circulate the water, but the heater never came on. I left it on and now the HOb code is back. I replaced the heat sensors, but it made no change and i still have the same error. Anyone have any ideas for me? I was considering changing the board but I hate to just throw money at it. Some people with similar errors said a relay may be stuck or a bad diode. Any feed back would be appreciated. The control board is part 54301-04error.msg
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