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  1. Thanks for your quick reply! No its just a blower (not heated). So you think I should take the rubber slip collar off below to check for wetness? Thanks
  2. I fitted a new 1 way check valve today at the top of the air blower loop and quickly tested it. Basically it was just a like for like straight swap. Why on earth I'm a seeing a small amount of moisture/ bubbles? What have a done wrong? Or is this normal? Cheers Matt 1620753274347_YouCut_20210511_181345735.mp4
  3. Yeah thats a shout! It should run as it was running before but will wait until the new check valve is fitted and tested before I order. Thanks for help
  4. Thanks for info guys. I connected the grey Union back on. What i did was I took a multi tool and carefully cut the check valve collor off where the white insert went in. The white insert has been glued to the collar. I then sanded it al smooth. So getting there. I'm now needing to order a custom made cover but don't know should I start a new topic or ask it in here??? Any way...... for the cover do I measure to the edge of the acrylic or the edge of the wooden frame sticking out around the tub? Thanks for all comments. Appreciated
  5. Cheers. I've managed to cut it off and sand it back smooth. All I need to do is find a check valve the same but all the ones I look at are 1.5" and my one is measuring near 2" or 60mm outside diameter? Any suggestions where I can get one?
  6. Thanks. Will have a scan about the Internet. Its a very old tub and don't know what model it is....
  7. I have no experience and don't want to replace the t at the top as its connected to some sort of valve. I have little to no experience in this but everything is glued. Can I buy just that grey collar with white knuckle and pipe separately? Cheers
  8. Hi, Looking for advice on how to remove this check valve. I have unscrewed it at the top and thats now come away so all good. The bottom is glued in......so do I need to cut the pipe low down to remove then get a straight connector and a short cutting of pipe when re installing the new one? Thanks
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