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  1. Thanks. There are definitely some similarities in the design and retaining clip. The American Products - Emerald cut May be the winner.
  2. Hey, can anyone point me in the direction of compatible jet diffusers or offer options on defunct pacific spa jets? since I got it up and running 3 of the jets have popped out leaving the ball bearings in the tub. I guess they will all go soon due to equivalent age. there seems to be a circular tab. I’m guessing once pulled out the entire assembly will come out. ive posted some photos as well as some equivalent jets that I found on marketplace. Haven’t measured them as I don’t want to drain the tub at this point. thanks
  3. Changed the element and she is all up and running! (Been sitting there for 3+years). I believe an air lock was the culprit before. I didn’t unscrew the union to allow it to escape. Thanks again
  4. Sorry yes circulation pump. Thanks for the link. It states 15gpm which seems like enough flow please see photos attached. This is an old manual potentiometer heater. I’ve tested the high limit switch and dial which is working. the element wasn’t obstructed or touching the wall, but doesn’t appear in the best shape I think I have found a replacement:- https://www.goparadisebay.com/hot-tubs/hot-tub-parts/product/261-heater-element-5-5-kw-green-coated-prongs-at-end.html
  5. Hi I recently got a donated hot tub up and going. The heater element briefly had hotspots on the external casing and is now dead (tested via ohm meter). I had the circulator going, tub was full. My question is was it a bad element or is my circulator not giving enough flow? As the circulator is discontinued I can’t find info on the GPM or figure out via on the specs on the unit. can anyone help? I don’t want to pay out 130 bucks just to cook an new element.
  6. Pool&HotTubDepot are my go to, they were unable to find a part due to supply issues unfortunately.
  7. Amazing! thanks for the knowledge and information.
  8. Wow, that looks like the one! may I ask how you knew the correct part? As most of the websites don't have any specific dimensions. Thanks again! lets hope they will ship to Canada
  9. Hi, I have an old 1990's? Spa that came with a house I bought. Everything was working fine except for a small leak on the pump discharge connection. So being over zealous I tightened it with a wrench and broke the nut. Apparently the pump unions are now obsolete (tapered and non standard thread sizes?) and ive searched for days looking for one or something close i can epoxy. Photos attached in case someone knows of a solution! So I am now looking for a replacement pump that will have 2" standard inlet and discharge fittings. Photo of the current pump is down below. can anyone recommend a
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