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  1. So I am still struggling. I have dry tested J345 however, I cannot find V84 anywhere near me. I am leaning towards V84 but I am concerned about different seat heights more specifically the seats to each side of the controller. They seem pretty high but maybe my perception is off. I am judging it by whatever pics I can find online. Am I overthinking it ? After all its not a small investment. Thanks.
  2. I think I have narrowed it down to either Marquis V84 or J-345. Hotspring and Artesian I have removed because they are >$11k. Marquis delivery time would be sometime in June/July, while J345 looks more like mid to late Sept. Both will have full foam. V84 is a bit cheaper. J345 offers a better warranty (10yr shell structure, 7yrs surface, 5yrs equip./controls/plumbing) vs. V84 (5yrs shell structure, 2 yrs surface, 3yrs equip./controls/plumbing).
  3. I appreciate all of the great feedback. My head is spinning with all the different options, models, etc. I looked over the design, fit, cost, and dealer (rating) and I was able to decrease my selection ever so slightly to Marquis V84, Hotspring Flash, Jacuzzi J345, and Artesian Captiva Elite. Is there another way that you can perhaps narrow down my selection? Perhaps based on warranty/insulation/reliability/customer service/parts availability/etc.? Thanks again.
  4. I have been lurking for a little while. For years I have been wanting a hot tub. Now, the moment has finally come. We have moved to a new house and we have proper space for a tub. We are looking for ~6 people hot tub with is roughly 7ftx7ft. I am steering away from loungers. There are 4 of us in the house that will use it. Me being the primary one. We want the hot tub for mostly relaxation. I have done my rounds with different Buffalo area dealers. Here is the list I came up with: MARQUIS V84 ($9,000)+ VEGAS ELITE ($8,200), NORDIC JUBILEE LS($7,700), HOTSPRING FLASH ($11,800)+ RHYT
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