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  1. IT'S ALIVE!!! It is currently filled, chemicals are ideal and it's warming up.
  2. Well it turns out the 3/10 amp fuse on the circuit board is bad. I have to try to find one, I only have a Home Depot locally and they list a .5 amp time delay fuse or a local spa repair place I'm going to try Monday or I'll have to order online.
  3. It was set up with 240 previously, it was strictly me 100% not paying attention and just assuming. I've wired 240 before but never with the GFCI. I am going to test all of them again and hope for the best. All the components are 240.
  4. Yeah I need to finish checking them, won't have time until Monday though. The problem is I assumed my neutral from the tub went to the side of the breaker that has the pigtail neutral which in fact was supposed to be hot. The scary thing is the breaker didn't trip, the display on the tub flashed then went out, then I turned the breaker off. I'll keep testing things before I replace the board but I fear the worst...I only paid $300 for the tub so if I did screw it up the worst part will be moving it and getting a different one haha. Life goes on.
  5. Yes to 240 Yes removed and I will test voltage across it after work tomorrow. I will double check all the fuses.
  6. I do so I know I still have 220 at the board, 120 on each Hot wire. I tested the resistance on the ceramic fuse and it checked out good and looked at the glass fuses I could find and they all still had filament, so I assumed they were good.
  7. Thanks I will do so when I get home tonight. I am thinking I fried something since I put a hot to the neutral and neutral to the hot on the breaker, nothing tripped when I turned the breaker on initially, the display flashed on then went dark. I still have power at the board so I'm sure the GFCI breaker is good.
  8. So I am new to having a hot tub, we bought a cheap used unit that was supposed to work great. I ran wire, hooked it up to the Balboa Value 2000 system, ran it to my panel and hooked it up wrong on the breaker. I know I know I just didn't pay attention. It is a GFCI breaker I ran my white wire to the ground bar, then put he wire from the tub to the same spot on the breaker well it turns out that was supposed to be a hot (red or black) wire then I put the red to the white spot. It supposed to go red white black. I turned the breaker on the display flashed for a split second then nothing. I
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