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  1. Last week I started up a 2006 spa that was given to me. I have everything working, went out to check the next morning and the lights were blinking, circulation pump was off. When I lifted the cover, the water had leaked down to the lowest jet! I found and repaired the leak, the tub is now holding water, now the heater is not working. The circulation pump is working and the jets are working on clean mode, but nothing else. any suggestions?
  2. So the breakers aren't tripping, does that indicate an internal issue in the spa? If I push the clean button, I hear a click. But nothing else, I hear nothing when pushing the jets one or jets two button.
  3. I inherited a 2008 hotsprings VV spa. We have cleaned it up, the heater, circulation pump, and everything seems to be working, but the jet pumps will not turn on. The power and ready lights are both solid. Is there something that I should be checking?
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